Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can you tell me more about the hotel accommodations?

Registration fees include hotel accommodations for three nights and are based on 4 people per room. Coaches’ registration fees are based on single occupancy. If you would like to book additional rooms or extend your stay pre or post conference dates please use this link to take advantage of our negotiated reduced group rates. Please note the group rates are valid until December 3, 2018. You may also call the hotel directly, toll free 1-800-CHELSEA (243-5732) or 416-595-1975.  Please identify yourself as part of the “MBA Games 2019” and call prior to the cut-off date of December 3rd.

Q. What are the gender requirements for sports teams?

Per the previous years of games and due to the Diversity and Inclusion theme, there will be at least one woman on the court/ice at all times. Teams of 10 should plan on having two women on the team and teams of 12 should have 3 women on the team.

Q. Can you tell me about the stage we will be using for opening ceremonies?

Opening ceremonies will be held at the Ryerson Theater at 43 Gerrard St. East. Find out more about the dimensions here.


Q. Do we need equipment for Broomball?

  • Helmets, brooms, and balls will be provided.

  • Goalies should bring their own gloves, and all players should bring their own soft padding.

    • Hard-shelled pads cannot be worn because of the risk to players not in pads. Soft padding that can fit underneath standard clothing is fine. This may include, but is not limited to: soccer shin guards, volleyball knee and elbow pads, football/baseball shorts with quad and tailbone padding, etc. Hockey gloves are permitted for everyone and goalies could opt for soccer keepers gloves if they prefer. Goalies are also welcome to wear full face and neck protection. 

  • Students will be responsible for wearing clean, non skid sneakers on the ice. Broomball shoes are prohibited.

    • The management company for the arena has stipulated that hard pebbled or studded footwear is strictly prohibited. The tournament will be on the ice all day and there is a Ryerson Varsity Hockey game that evening. Any shoe that is going to tear-up or excessively wear the ice surface is not going to be allowed. The rule is in-place to protect the ice surface, not for competitive reasons. 

Q. We saw that accidental contact is not allowed. Is gentle pushing, in case of someone protecting a ball, allowed? If someone falls by himself and brings someone down, is it considered as a penalty? 

All forms of pushing is strictly forbidden and outlawed. If someone falls and brings another player down, causing an advantage for their team then the referee will call a foul and award possession to the aggrieved team. A penalty most likely would result from intentionally taking someone down.

Q. Is there any zone rule? Can someone stay on the opponent side on the ice for the whole game, waiting for long passes? 

Games will be played across the width of the arena, not the length, so we will not have enough room to implement a 2-line pass or offside rule. 


Q. Can we block women in Volleyball?

Blocking at the net is permitted for everyone, as long as the defensive player does not break the vertical plane or touch the net.

Q. Can we keep the same server for the whole game?

Teams on court may rotate positionally however service must rotate through the team on the floor before a player can serve again. 

Q. When you’re saying that the men’s spikes are behind the attack line, does it mean that men can spike from behind, but hit the ball in the attack zone (regular attack from the 3 meters)? 

Men who are hitting must take-off from behind the attack line. Men attempting to tip, dump, or roll-shot in the front court must have their feet on the ground.


Q. The E-Sports document stipulates that for a team of 6, 2 must be women. Is this rule enforced?

The theme is diversity and inclusion, and this includes gender and all the intersections of diversity. Ideally, it would be great if the MBA games teams and the specific event teams could represent this theme as well. Part of the being inclusive is the effort to recruit, train and engage with students who might not normally raise their hand or don’t have a deeply entrenched background in the game. We strongly encourage you to reach out your entire class - we’re sure there’s someone who would love to participate in the MBA Games and is willing and able to spend the next two months practicing!